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Where Are You In Your Spiritual Evolution?

If you are ready for a quantum leap in your Spiritual Evolution, you are ready to explore Awakening Your Light Body. We all have a Light Body, but most of us are unaware of it and how it relates to our existence on the physical plane. Awakening Your Light Body teaches you how to increase your Consciousness, and become more aware of the subtle Energies in your Light Body and in the environment around you.


Quantum physics has shown that everything is energy. Everything that exists on the physical plane is formed first as a framework of energy on the etheric plane. In Awakening Your Light Body, you will learn to work with the subtle Energies, and learn how to choose and align with the highest flows of this Energy, thereby creating forms in your life that are aligned with your [Soul's] Highest Path. As you gain skill, you will add Higher Qualities such as Joy, Peace, Clarity, Harmony, Love and Abundance to your life. You will increase your Consciousness and raise your Vibrational Frequency, enabling you to manifest with more ease using the flows of Energy around you.


Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth!

Awaken Your Light Body puts you on an accelerated path of Spiritual Growth and assists you in learning how to grow through joy, rather than pain. I believe that Awakening Your Light Body is the most powerful tool for Spiritual Growth and manifesting available on the Planet at this time.


What Is the Light Body?

Everyone has a Light Body. It is an energy body that is a part of you, much like your emotional body or etheric body, but it exists at a higher level, one closer to your soul, than your chakras. Everyone has seven vibrational energy body centers and three light body centers, for a total of ten centers that power and make up your Light Body.


As you awaken to your Light Body you will learn how to transform less harmonious energies into positive ones and use the energy around you to go higher. You may experience a stronger sense of personal power and a greater ability to control your emotions, stay centered, release old blocks and stuck emotional energy, and respond with love and compassion.


Using the New Frequencies of Light

Awakening Your Light Body teaches you how to use the new Frequencies of Light that started coming to the Planet in 1987, the time of the Harmonic Convergence. Before these new energies, these techniques were simply not available to those on Earth. Awakening Your Light Body is one of the most powerful tools for Spiritual Growth that is available on the planet at this time.


Many of you are in the process of making the evolutionary leap of awakening your Light Bodies, made possible in part by the waves of light that are coming to the earth plane. DaBen and Orin have created the Light Body course as a way for you to take this evolutionary step.


With the new Frequencies of Light coming to Earth, it is possible use the energies in your Light Body to assist you in consciously creating a reality that is aligned with Divine Will and your Highest Purpose. The Light Body assists you in dealing with the lessons you are learning in your life with more ease and greater joy. You will more easily be able to attract abundance, new opportunities, loving relationships, and the next steps in manifesting your life purpose.


As your light body awakens, you draw to yourself opportunities to make a difference in the world as you grow more radiant with love and light. Awakening your light body can assist you in having a clearer vision of what you are here to do, lifting the veils so you can see more of your purpose and why you are here. As you gain a stronger connection to the Higher Will and Universal Mind, you are able to more easily attract abundance, new opportunities, and loving relationships.


Awakening your light body can improve your personal relationships. As your energy becomes more beautiful and radiant, people will act and think in higher, more loving ways around you without your trying to change them. You will learn ways to bring your soul's consciousness into your personality and daily life as you open the channel between you, your higher self, soul, and/or guide. You can develop your clairvoyant sight, psychic, and healing abilities.


All spiritual growth is a process of unfolding Consciousness, and as you awaken your light body and grow spiritually, you will still have challenges and lessons that are opportunities for growth. However, as you become more radiant and filled with light, you will have more skills to move through these lessons with greater ease and joy.


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If you are thinking about exploring Awakening Your Light Body, you may choose to participate in our Awaken Your Light Body Group on Facebook. All Light Body students and graduates are welcome. Our Awaken Your Light Body Group meets also meets periodically in the SF Bay Area to share Light Body journeys and spiritiual discussions. I will be hosting these meetings and available to answer any questions or issues that you have regarding Awakening Your Light Body.

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